Bobby shows off his amazing talent by creating a variety of character shapes, adding fun to any party! His ability to create unusual shapes is limited only by your imagination!
YOSIMITE SAM Stewie - Familie Guy Sponge Bob Square Pants Spiderman Woody Wood Pecker A woman I respect very much - JANET RENO A woman I respect very much - JANET RENO
Having Bobby ceating his vivid works with an artistic blend of color and materials has made many an event memorable. In this sampling you can see his clever designs resulting in characters from Disney's Goofy to E.T. to mythical dragons - and beyond!
ELMO E.T. Flounder Go Canes!! MADELINE Scooby and Shaggy Medievel Dragon
Bobby will delight you and your guests at your next party! Why not book Bobby today for your next event.
Me and my Minnie-Me LOONY TOONS HOMER Tweety and Silvester Underdog Mighty Mouse Dick Cheney shoots lawyer and gets away with it.
Does the president and supreme court have too much power?
Here are some more samples:
Me and my Minnie-Me Sponge Bob Pineapple Willy logo Marvin the Martian Ninja Turtle
Check out these "balloon-a-catures"
balloon-a-cature balloon-a-cature balloon-a-cature balloon-a-cature

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