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Professional Clown

Amie Rosani
sent May 17, 2008

The fact that you are an actual teacher has alot to do with the quality of your dvd. I've been twisting balloons for 12 years, and seen a few dvds. This one has exellent angles and instruction that covers every necessary detail in order to properly work with the balloon for success! Also, there are quite a number of balloon figures you teach and they look more advanced than amateur. I found the final dvd to be the most interesting and fascinating of the three! Thanks, Bobby, for a fabulous instructional tool!


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Scott Sutton
sent December 9, 2007

Hi, Bobby!
I've viewed all three sections of the DVD now and there is a lot of good information in them. I really enjoyed the two dogs in section 3! They have been a big hit! You have many good tips in all three sections that many books don't seem to cover.

The "Squeeze" before you twist each section has save the life of many a balloon! No where had anyone ever said or mentioned that. That alone helped a great deal. Also, the lock in twist have helped. The rainbow was also a hit with folks from our church. So to me the purchase and the wait was worth it.

Just a comment on production, section 3 was better with the background. And, having done some video production before, I know it's hard, but try not to stare at the camera so directly. Move you gaze around, it looks for natural. Feel free to use any of my comments. I don't mind you giving my email out as long as I don't get invaded with junk mail from it.Are you planning on doing any more tapes/DVD's. Of interest to me would be the Skunk, the Martian and some other deluxe characters. And, finally, my wife is doing well. Thanks for asking!


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Amy Grigg
sent November 7, 2007

Hi, Bobby!
I Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I received your video yesterday and it is awesome. I spent the day home with my boys today and practiced twisting. Just hearing all the little hints and tricks you have made a huge difference. I probably popped about only 1/4 of the balloons I normally pop today (which was amazing in itself.) We made the tiger/ leopard, parrots, zebra, hat, all the pirate gear, teddy bears, fruit basket and the airplane and it was all so fun.

You are a really good teacher, you explained everything really well. I really liked that you didn’t go too fast, that you twisted your body around so that the camera could see EXACTLY what was going on, that you kept showing the basics so it would sink into our brains. I liked too that you started off with some really basic shapes before you showed all those more advanced twists so beginners would have a good platform to start from. I liked too that you explained why 260's are called 260's (I didn’t know!), how to tie the balloons correctly, how to squeeze them to reduce the pressure, how to move the knot up and down and rolling the ends though the balloon so the designs don't come undone. I was really impressed. You come across as a really genuine, caring, friendly, funny guy and I really enjoyed watching your video. I’m looking forward to trying some of your larger multi balloon designs.

My boys who are 5 and 3yrs loved watching it as well and playing with the designs too. They danced to your intro music, were fascinated with watching you put on your clown make up and we all spent the afternoon running around the house like crazy with swords (mommy had a pink one), shields, pirate hats, and parrots on our shoulders and played pirates on our couch pirate ship. Most fun I have had in ages, so thank you. Very much. You have made a big difference.

Kind regards
Amy :-)

Wanda Storey
sent February 26, 2003

Dear Scooter:
I just wanted to write you and tell you that my 2 daughters, ages 8 and 10, loved your balloon-making video. After watching it for the first time, they had made several of the balloon animals for the very first time! With the easy-to-follow instructions, directions and your personal presentation, they were able to make the balloons and it gave them lots of joy! Now they're thinking about entertaining at their own parties and making balloons for their guests!!! Thank you so much!
Wanda Storey.

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Jane Lott from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
sent January 22, 2003

Hi Bobby, Thanks for the input on face painting. You are welcome to use my comments or have anyone contact me. I decided to introduce Mother Goose Story time to the local preschools, schools and for birthday parties so on my quest to learn how to do balloon art I bought a few books and being a "show me" person found your tapes on the internet. I love them! I found the books to be confusing as it is hard to actually show someone in a book the different twists. Your tapes were consise and even encouraging when I hit a few tough spots. I appreciate Your comments on the Teddy bear twists. It kept me practiting and I finally mastered it I am now doing balloon art at a local retaurant and have a few parties and pre schools lined up. I had been told by one of my libraries that my balloon art was the best they've seen. Thank you again Bobby for doing them and also for your input on where to get heart and b-body balloons and now face paint. As a rookie I appreciate all the help I can get.
Looking forward to our next hello...
Jane Lott from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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Dawood Tahabashy (from the UK)
sent January 21, 2003

I am so pleased that I ordered Tape 1. It taught me so much that I didn't know - for someone who brags about making a bear juggling 3 balls, I found your basic tips invaluable. Now I realised that one should master the basics before showing off. I feel more at ease and confident to tackle other fancy figures on the tapes going forward. Thank you Scuteri for the a brilliant presentation and instructions on balloon modelling. I do hope you will produce more videos & more fantastic sculptures. Lastly, your advice and guidance on the subject is much appreciated.

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Marta Quincoses
sent January 18, 2003

Bobby, The balloon art kits were a huge hit!!! The kids are already running out of balloons and would like to know where they can get more. Alexis was amazed that her mom knew someone on TV and is dying to meet you!! That's all for now, Marta

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Tom Myers (T. Myers Magic)
sent October17, 2002

'Instructions Made Simple' is the accomplished goal of these balloon twisting videos. The emphasis is on clear instructions. They are clear in organization, clear in camera work, and clear in choice of figures. These tapes will make it easy for a non twister to become a twister.
Tom Myers

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Anthony Brown
sent September 3, 2002

Bobby, thank you for the tape. It gave me ideas on how to make variations with the ‘cartoon dog’. I was able to expand how to expand the dog way beyond the typical 1 balloon dog. I made my money back the first weekend, and I keep making more...

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Lorraine (Bella the Clown)
sent August 24, 2002

Hi Bobby, I watched both videos. They are real good but for someone who has been twisting for 3 years like me I got a few things out of them. The way to pop and how to put the balloon inside a balloon was good for me. I learned the parrot and dog bone. Thanks! I wish you allot of success and I hope to see one more advanced video in the future. The videos, the music were great and the getting into make up was done well I got a kick out of it Keep up the great work! Lorraine

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Rob Labby - Orlando, Florida
sent August 6, 2002

"Here is my VERY PROFESSIONAL OPINION - As an entertainer of over 53 years you come across very few talented and special people like Bobby. He creates Beauty, Fun, Smiles and a feeling of wonder with simple balloons and ideas. I believe Bobby is one of the country's leading Balloon people. His tapes will set a standard for balloon makers both beginner or professional. He not only teaches but entertains. I am proud to add his tapes to my collection of truly exceptional learning tapes. I know you will be as happy as I am with the exceptional tapes Bobby has put out. In life you never stop learning and I hope Bobby never stops teaching." Sincerely Rob Labby Orlando Florida

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Letter from "Mike", from Staten Island, NY (unedited)
sent August 2, 2002

"hi my name is mike i recently ordered the first tape and it just came in the mail today. Already i can make a mouse a sword a cat a bear a rabbit a dog and a girraffe. well thank you again this tape is really helping me with my balloon art skills. from mike"