Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

Basically, face painting, and awesome balloons! Sometimes people only want one or the other.
It works like this:

1. FACE PAINTING - During Covid times, I am not doing any face painting. If you are looking at this POST-Covid, this is how I work it:
If I do face painting, I always do that first. I have a menu for the children to pick from. You can see samples on my photo gallery. Once I put the face painting away (and only then), I will start the balloons. Whoever arrives late will miss out on the face painting.

2. BALLOONS - this is my specialty! The exciting part is that all my sculptures are special. In order to accomplish this, I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS. The balloons I make are fancier than what you are used to seeing and I like to make them all different. I make ALL SURPRISES. The children guess what I am making as I place them in a pile. Some children may choose to go play and come back – after all, it is a party.

At the end of the party, the guest of honor takes first choice. Then, I will hand out cards with numbers on them to determine the order in which I hand out the balloons.

This is the ONLY way I can do the fancier balloons at a birthday party. If you want the kids to be able to choose, I can provide a limited menu. The reason for this is that I need to control the time in order to get to my next event promptly, just like I will arrive at your event promptly.

For larger events, I have to stick to a menu with limited choices in order to keep everyone happy. These are the only things the guests can choose from. There are no exceptions to this and no loopholes. Sorry :)

What are your prices?

Prices vary depending on travel time and other factors, but for general prices (subject to adjustments) go to my "Prices" page and it will give you a fairly accurate idea.

What age group are you geared towards?

Ages 4 and up. (I repeat - 4 and up) Children under 4 years of age should not have access to these type of balloons. Ballons are a choking hazard.

Is there somewhere I can come see you in person?

Absolutely! My Calendar shows where and when I will be. Find a location near you and come see me. PLEASE CHECK REGULARY, as these places may change!

How does one learn the awesome art of balloon twisitng?

Check out my "products" page. I have a VERY well instructed DVD on the market. I have invited anyone who has purchased my tapes to provide me with feedback (good or bad). Every letter I have received is on there in the "testimonials" section. Check it out!

Do you have any references?

Yes. my Reference page has letters/e-mails sent from satisfied customers. Also, you can check out my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/scooterballoons

How do I book you?

Go to my "Contact" page and follow the instruction there. I do everything through the internet. Once I have a completed form from you, I will call to confirm or discuss details with you. If you cannot do anything on line, call me and leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Going through the web site is always quicker.

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